About us

Payless Flights was established for the customers, and puts their needs first and foremost. Aiming at fostering cheap airfares to India, Payless Flights offers optimum, viable prices for last minute flights. Whereas most Travel Agencies will try and cash in on the customer’s acute needs, Payless always tries to give the better deal, the honest deal.


We have set up two hubs, one in Sydney, Australia, and the other in New Delhi, India, to encourage and assist easier travel between the Australian and the Asian continents. Our focus is to provide a one of a kind Travel Agency in Asia so that customers can feel comfortable in planning their travels.


Operating out of our bases in Sydney and New Delhi, we have quickly made our mark in the highly competitive travel market. Our foremost emphasis is on providing optimal travel solutions, and in support of that, have an excellent Customer Service, ever diligent, at the back end. Testimonials from happy, satisfied customers keep Payless Flights motivated towards providing better and more efficient services. Our Customer Service Representatives are listening, and by that dedicated listening, provide unmatched services, which is oh so lacking in other travel providers.


PayLess Flights, while concentrating just that wee bit more on Asian destinations, make sure that you are able to venture much, much further ashore than just that. Offering cheap flights all over the globe, UK, USA, Asia, and the Far East have found equal stature in our plans. By offering cheap airfares to India, we make sure you can be with your near and dear ones in the least problematic manner.

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