In 2011, Erving was one of three men arrested following

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Hermes Handbags LAKEHURST Richard Erving, 22, of the borough was charged Wednesday with distribution of imitation marijuana after police say a borough teenager paid him $210 for a baggie that contained nothing more than Rice Krispies and oregano.Erving was charged after the teenager identified as a 17 year old girl admitted to her mother she took $210 to pay for half an ounce of marijuana Replica Hermes Handbags, according to Sgt. Ron Heinzman, a spokesman for the borough police department.The juvenile and her mother went back to Erving’s house and that’s when Officers Jason Guide, Joseph DePasquale, Heinzman and Police Chief Eric Higgins were dispatched to Erving’s residence on Oak Street for a disturbance call, Heinzman said.The teenager also admitted to police that she went to Erving’s house to obtain a half ounce of marijuana Hermes Replica, gave Erving $210 in cash and and received the bag, Heinzman said.After leaving the residence Replica Hermes, the juvenile discovered that the bag contained Rice Krispies and oregano, he said. Police said the $210 was recovered at the scene.Erving also admitted he put Rice Krispies and oregano in the bag and attempted to pass it off as marijuana, Heinzman said.Guide and DePasquale arrested Erving, who was released on a summons, he said.The 17 year old girl was charged with a drug offense and released to the custody of her mother pending a family court hearing.In 2011, Erving was one of three men arrested following disturbance call on Oak Street https://www.replicahermes.net, according to previous reports. Hermes Handbags

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