16 18 Indeed, massage rendered 2 h after muscle injury

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Christian Louboutin Clearance If neutrophil function is not tightly controlled, healthy tissue is inadvertently destroyed and additional muscle damage occurs.5,10 12 Ultimately, the mechanical disruptions and inflammatory responses activate Type III and IV pain receptors https://www.outletscentres.com, leading to the sensation of DOMS.13Some strategies proposed to alleviate DOMS include pre and postexercise stretching, light exercise, ultrasound, topical analgesics Christian Louboutin Sale, and pharmacological agents. None of these treatments, however, completely attenuate DOMS.14,15 Muscle massage may be an alternative therapy, one that is popular and possibly effective.16 If massage is rendered during the early stages of inflammation, the mechanical pressure applied with the massage might decrease neutrophil margination, thereby reducing inflammation and DOMS.16 18 Indeed, massage rendered 2 h after muscle injury decreased muscle soreness and increased the circulating neutrophil count, which suggests the treatment reduced neutrophil margination.17 Theoretically, decreased margination should have attenuated muscle damage induced by inflammation, a variable not measured in the aforementioned study.17 Muscle damage is frequently monitored in other studies by examining range of motion (ROM) and peak torque.19 Although these measures are indirect, the relationship among muscle damage, inflammation, and changes in muscle function is well documented.2,4 Christian Louboutin On Sale,19 21Our primary purpose, therefore, was to track how massage affects circulating neutrophil levels, peak torque, ROM, and muscle soreness during DOMS. Data from those studies in which the effects of massage on muscle function and DOMS were examined are difficult to reconcile because treatment length, technique, and application time varied.15,22 25 To circumvent some of these limitations, we used classical Swedish massage techniques shown to be effective in reducing soreness Christian Louboutin Outlet,17,23 and measured the muscle function tests at the same postexercise times as in previous research.20,21 Additionally, to further extend the work of Smith et al,17 we used a more sophisticated measurement of soreness, the Differential Descriptor Scale (DDS) Christian Louboutin Clearance.

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