Our Approach

Our approach to your travel travails is a unique one- we will suggest and modify your plans to suit your mood and pocket. This is in accordance with our vision of relieving you of any pain. Payless Flights offer to take care of planning your trip with the best possible options, and true to our USP of hassle-free booking, your tickets are made available instantly.

The entire trip will be discussed with you in detail, your preferences and quirks taken note of, and the itinerary finalized, with your approval, of course.

True, while we acknowledge that the lure of the East weighs more on a traveller’s mind, we are a global provider, and offer you cheap airfares for destinations as far as the USA and UK, amongst myriad more global destinations.

The bottom line for any traveller is “What is the cost”, and “What do I need to do?” Sound familiar? You have earned that long-awaited vacation, and are looking forward to a carefree 10 days. But wait! Harrowing experiences, getting flights to suit your pocket, even more befuddling pick of hotels; what, where, when to go, and what to do…the list just goes on and on. Our committed agents concentrate and make sure your vacation means just that. In essence, we give you complete solutions that will take the headache out of travelling. Our aim is to spoil you, whether travelling solo, in a family, with a group, or with just one companion, and provide customized meal plans on flight that will keep you smiling. Rest assured of getting the most suitable recommendations for your choice. No other Travel Agency will bother like Payless Flights does.

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