PayLess Flights was established with the vision that the customer should come first, and hence assure you of taking care of all the thousand and one tiny details that are necessary before travel. Payless Flights not only advise on how to take care of Travel Insurance, Visas, currency issues, what to pack, etc. etc., but also assist in getting the job done.


Assisted by the best services a traveller could get, PayLess Flights leaves the competition far behind. While most Travel Assistance Companies stop at issuing a ticket and planning your itinerary, PayLess Flights go the extra mile and make sure the traveller has all the relevant information needed to become a confident visitor to foreign lands.


Arrivals and Immigration become a breeze with Payless Flights behind you. Your hotel has already been chosen, and things like transport modes and fares, tipping at restaurants, maintaining contact with home, as well as how to extract the best from your holiday, all the knowledge is at your finger- tips. No matter how many times you ask, our Customer Service Representatives never tire of putting your mind at ease.

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