berkeley store plan inches divisively along berkeleyside

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Cheap Prada Bags We look forward to continuing the collaboration that forged the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan so the law is implemented in a way that maximizes jobs and economic benefits for Oregon, while ensuring affordable electricity for all consumers,” said NW Energy Coalition policy director Wendy Gerlitz.”Today’s vote is a win win for our climate and clean energy here in Oregon. The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition plan shows that we can come together to advance real climate solutions as we move away from coal and toward more clean energy,” said Andy Maggi, Oregon Sierra Club Chapter Director.”Today, Oregon had a clear choice to make: do we want to power our homes with coal or with clean energy?” says OEC Executive Director Andrea Durbin. “Kissing coal goodbye and doubling renewable energy will give Oregon some of the cleanest power in the country, delivers clean energy for all Oregon families and re establishes our state as a leader in green.””Coal costs us all it’s hurting our climate, our economy, and our communities,” said Doug Moore, OLCV Executive Director. Cheap Prada Bags

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