“What do I have to do, wait for my turn?” he said

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We shared it with the city of Edmonton. It wasn’t just our cup. And by the time we got to the second, third and fourth cup people were genuinely, “OK, geez maybe I’ll get to see the cup. The robbers had the ability, the opportunity and the intent to kill.READ:Gun seized in York crossbow sale, cops sayIn his experience, Caldwell has seen assaults occur during armed robberies, sometimes simply because of some sadistic urge or thrill.”What do I have to do, wait for my turn?” he said. When a police officer fires a weapon, it is to stop a threat, Caldwell said.Also, police officers have powers of arrest, whereas civilians do not, although they do have the inherent right to defend themselves, he said.Know the consequencesSwartz said that in terms of legal gun possession and use Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, the adage,”with great power, comes great responsibility,” applies.”I’m not justifying (what the customer did) or saying what he did was wrong,” he said. “I’m just saying individuals who carry firearms need to be cognizant that when they discharge the firearm, of the consequences.”Caldwell added that it was possible that if the round fired by the customer ricocheted and struck someone, he might have been liable.Police have not identified who the customer was with the gun.In the Castle Doctrine, if a homeowner is not the initial aggressor, they do not have to retreatwhen faced with a threat but can defend themselves with deadly force.Richard Long Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, executive director with the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, said Mondaythe association worked in conjunction with the legislature in 2011to enhance the Castle Doctrine on self defense to include other areas aside from an individual’s home Cheap Christian Louboutin,such as businesses.The provision is known as “Stand Your Ground,” he said.There are several criteria, including the victim must have a legal license to carry a firearm, the aggressor had to display a firearm or other deadly weapon https://www.getchristianlouboutin.co.uk, and the victim could not be committing a crime in the course of defending themselves.In a scenario similar to the Advance Auto robbery, a customer in the store, while possibly not the intended target of the robbers, would still be a victim, possibly of another crime such as endangering the welfare of others, Long said.”They can use force, up to an including deadly force, to defend themselves,” he said.Long added that in the unfortunate case a bystanders was shot by the gun owner, there are possible criminal orcivil penalties that could come intoplay.”There’s not an easy answer to that,” he said.

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